Indian River Lagoon

Indian River Canal Water Analysis

Purpose: This report highlights the successful results that Greenfield Resources experienced while finding a solution the treat the Indian River Lagoon in Vero Beach, Florida.

Overview: The chart below shows a comparison of the water canal samples, both the raw sample and after Greenfield Resources treatment.

Table 1: Indian River Canal Water Test

Raw Canal Contaminants Raw Canal Water Treated Water
Boron (mg/L) .24 N/D
Aluminum N/D N/D
Calcium (mg/L) 110 90
Magnesium (mg/L) 37 30
Nitrogen Total (mg/L) .14 .07
COD (mg/L) 25 21
Nitrates (mg/L) .14 .07
Nitrites N/D N/D
Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L) 8.3 2.8
TOC (mg/L) 7.7 5.3

Note: N/D equals Non-Detectable.

Explanation of Results: Table 1 shows that Greenfield Resources is capable of producing positive results for the Indian River Canal. Every pollutant listed had a substantial reduction. While at the canal site in July 2017, Greenfield Resources tested with a variety of treatment methods, some methods included a post treatment after the water ran through the Greenfield Resources A.L.E.F. (advanced linear electro-flotation) system. Technicians from Indian River County solely collected water samples to test from the post treatment. Greenfield Resources was not satisfied with that treatment method, which Greenfield was testing on behalf of an unrelated company, but has other options to separate solids that would not put constituents into water.

Summary: The overall results of the testing and analysis of the Indian River Canal water conducted by Greenfield Resources in April 2017 and on location in July 2017 were positive and exceeded expectations and the company is confident that with some minor adjustments an even greater treatment result is assured. Greenfield Resources is able to remove or substantially reduce the majority of constituents within the water at a very low cost. Greenfield Resources is pleased with the results of the tests performed and is confident that they have identified the total solution for the Indian River water remediation project and very much looks forward to working with the Indian River County and the community in finding a long term, cost effective solution.

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