Advanced Linear Electro-Floatation (A.L.E.F.)

Our treatment process A.L.E.F. (Advanced Linear Electro-Floatation) stands alone as the most innovative and cost-effective water treatment technology in the world today. Greenfield systems are capable of treating wastewater in over 35 different key industries, from the oil and gas sector to aquaculture, poultry farming, and municipal water facilities.

A.L.E.F. systems utilize the fundamental concepts found in electrocoagulation / electro-floatation, the passing of electrical current through water and various elemental catalysts, which has proven very effective in the removal of contaminants from water.

Greenfield’s A.L.E.F. system uses a combination of natural forces including, but not limited to: Electrocoagulation (EC) / Electro-floatation (EF), magnetism, Vortex-induced Vibration, Frequency Resonance, and advanced fluid dynamics to achieve the most to achieve the most efficient and thorough treatment possible. In addition, our systems utilize supplementary power sources such as solar and one of the natural by-products of our treatment process - hydrogen.

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